École Tantallon Senior Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Davy, Grant Principal gdavy@hrce.ca
Penny, Shawna Vice Principal pennys@hrce.ca
Morris, Sarah Secretary MorrisS@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allan, Jessica Grade 4/5 English jessica.coskun@hrce.ca
Burchell, Alanna Grade 4 English ABurchell@hrce.ca
Cohen, Andrea 50% Learning Centre andrea.cohen@hrce.ca
Cross, Adrianna Grade 2/3 French Immersion crossa@hrce.ca
Currie, Lauren English Resource JCurrie-shanahan@hrce.ca
Denton, Kaleigh Learning Centre Kaleigh.Denton@hrce.ca
Dunn, Maureen Music mdunn@hrce.ca Website
Furlong, Colin Core French 70% Colin.Furlong@hrce.ca
Giza, Ardelle Fine Arts Category AGiza@hrce.ca
Gouthro, Adrianne Grade 2 English ADaigle-Gouthro@hrce.ca Website
Huskilson, Tracy Grade 3/4 French Immersion tracy.huskilson@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Maria Physical Education Maria.MacDonald@hrce.ca Website
Marsh, Caitlin Grade 3/4 French Immersion marsh.caitlin@hrce.ca
Meisner, Melissa Grade 3 English Mmeisner@hrce.ca
Nicholl, Chantelle Grade 3/4 English chantelle.nicholl@hrce.ca
O'Brien, Katherine Grade 5 English katherine.obrien@hrce.ca
ONeill, Maureen Grade 4/5 French Immersion MoNeill@hrce.ca
Siscoe, Shauna Grade 2 English ssiscoe@gnspes.ca Website
Smart, Krista Grade 5 French Immersion Krista.Sheehan@hrce.ca
Smith, Jessica Grade 5 English jessica.smith@hrce.ca
Steed, Grace 50% FI Resource grace.steed@hrce.ca
Thibault, Shanta Guidance Counselor SThibault@hrce.ca
Tonner, Lauriel Grade 2 French Immersion lauriel.tonner@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Avery, Tracy EPA 100%
Blotnicky, Pamela School Psychologist PBlotnicky@hrce.ca
Gillam, Patricia Librarian pgillam@hrce.ca
Knight, Valerie EPA 80%
Levy, Angela Speech and Language Pathologist levya@hrce.ca
MacKay, Maureen EPA 80%
Newell, Deanna EPA 80%
Scallion, Nicole EPA 80%
Way, Bill Head Custodian
Williams, Lisa Schools Plus lisa.williams@hrce.ca
Zinck, Andrea School Social Worker 902-221-6690 andrea.zinck@hrce.ca
Zwicker, Lynn EPA 100%