École Tantallon Senior Elementary



Tantallon Junior and Senior Schools Parent Association – TESPA

Welcome to this year’s 2017-2018 TESPA Executive Committee

President: Mike Alexander

Vice President:: Bernadette Kennedy

Past President: Rhonda MacDougall

Treasurer: Angela Kinley

Secretary: Ali Rayner

Members at Large: Debbie Leskiw Monica Lacey Lori King Caitlyn Neily ,

Beth Kelly, Patricia Pardy, Dianne Lyver, Janet Oppedisano, Holly Brooks

What is TESPA?
TESPA is the Tantallon Elementary School Parents Association.  As a parent or guardian of a TES student, you are a valued member of this association.  Together, we use our collective talents and abilities to enrich educational programs for our children and foster a supportive community for our families.

TESPA relies on the participation of Tantallon Elementary School (TES) parents and guardians for all of its activities.  Your involvement, no matter how big or small, is encouraged and appreciated.  tesparentsassoc@gmail.com


What Does TESPA Do?
TESPA raises thousands of dollars every year to support a broad range of programs and activities at TES.  Funds are raised through events such as Spring Fling, Wreath/ Planter campaigns, movie nights, or family dance.  Previously, funds have been used for technology upgrades, music, physical education, reading recovery, resource, the Learning Centre, guidance, the Lego Club, and to help sponsor a drama production.  Funds are also allocated to each classroom to subsidize field trip transportation costs and provide items that enhance education.

Get in touch with TESPA at tesparentsassoc@gmail.com